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La conquista de la felicidad 1/2


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The Psychology of Suffering & Awakening

An International Network

This is the third conference in this series, the first having been in Spain in 2015 and the second in Belgium in 2017. More than a one-off event, we are seeing the emergance of a diverse yet mutually supportive network of people inspired by Buddhist psychological ideas, a community of practitioners spread around the world engaged with therapeutic arts of many kinds and drawing inspiration from a range of different schools of Buddhism - expert practitioners, Buddhist teachers, scholars, students and members of the helping professions.

No Pearl without Grit

The oyster making a pearl to deal with irritating grit is an image that reflects the Buddha’s teaching on dukkha and transformation that lies at the root of Buddhist psychology and is a suitable motif for the task of therapy in our troubled world.
Buddhist practice seeks to transform adverse circumstances into the path of enlightenment. This principle has given rise to a…

El viejo Nan Shan dice sobre el zen....


La vuelta al silencio, Monasterio de Tulebras del 5 al 7 de octubre.